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a joint initiative to invest in and commercialize sustainable solutions in the maritime industry

*Conditions apply

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raise $150K with us

Green Marine in close cooperation with MPA and maritime companies helps cleantech and maritime start-ups / SME's translate and deploy their technology in Singapore's ports and within a real life context.

SME / start-ups will get lab support, tech experts and access to mentors. The program aims on accelerating the adoption of these sustainable technologies developed by SME/start-ups to Decarbonize Singapore Marine sector and help to transition to much greener, cleaner and circular future

Why should you join?

Stand to obtain up to SGD 150K in project funding and startup support

The programme will award SGD 150K worth of project funding and startup support, including access to lab spaces, mentorship, testbeds, training, pitching sessions and more. *Conditions Apply

Use the Singapore ecosystem as a launch pad for your global ambitions

Singapore offers a unique environment to develop, test and deploy your solutions at source along with the opportunity to work closely with government and private bodies who may be key players in your focus areas.

Gain access to market through industry connects, pilot programs and other such collaborations

The journey from lab to market is a tough one. We help access global markets through an ecosystem of strategic partnerships.

Partner with a long term investor who understands the intricacies of the business and shares your passion for decarbonization

There is a need for patient capital to build sustainable businesses alongside founders. Our partners understand this and work with you to achieve the shared goal.

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Two steps to get you to the next level


Apply to our program, today. Our due diligence includes an evaluation from our other investing partners, which means you meet a number of VCs through this process. In short, get accepted by our team, and then decide to proceed--the journey is worth your while.


We are committed to making the most out of your experience with us. For customer access and to see your solution materialise with our corporate partners, a pilot will be deployed at one of our global testbed sites to validate your technology's performance and suitability for scaling up. In parallel and for investor access, we feature your start-up to our follow-on investors and facilitate the fundraising process.

Meet your Champions

Dr. Sun Juan

Lead-Proposals & Energy Storage
EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy
NTU Singapore

David Galipeau

Founding Partner - SDGx Pte. Ltd

Christian Walter

Founding Partner - SDGx Pte. Ltd

Jeremy Liddle

Founding Partner - SDGx Pte. Ltd